Your Commercial Real Estate Email Marketing Guide

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Email marketing is an incredibly powerful tool that all commercial real estate professionals should be using to reach prospects, engage them in conversations, and convert them into deals.

As a direct connection with prospective buyers and sellers, email has extremely high ROI. The average ROI for email marketing in all US businesses is over 3,000%, with $44 made for every $1 spent. But your emails need to be targeted to the needs of your prospects, highlighting properties and opportunities in which you know they’ll be interested.

This is an industry driven by referrals, word of mouth, and the strength of relationships, and email is one of the most effective and lowest cost ways to stay top of mind with your current clients and new prospects alike.

Using email, you can provide valuable insights into the commercial real estate market, notify your list about new opportunities, and engage prospects in active nurturing to keep your company top of mind.

For these emails to be effective, however, they need to be targeted, well-written and designed to drive opens and clicks. To ensure this is the case and to provide the best possible return on investment for your email marketing efforts, we’ve created a step-by-step walkthrough. In it, you’ll learn exactly what it takes to research, prepare, and execute the perfect email campaign.

  • Define Your Audience
  • Create Target Lists
  • Maintain Your Lists
  • Subject Line is Key
  • Timing is Critical
  • Check Your Analytics
  • Integrate w/Google Analytics
  • Use a standard Follow-up Strategy